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Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader

Readers are leaders

It’s been said that ” Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader”

We all know that reading opens up our world, makes us think, gives us the ability to understand different viewpoints, explore ideas and opinions.  Reading broadens our mind, makes us more aware of the world and people around. It educates us about cultures beyond our own.

Often many of us misunderstand reading on social media with reading books. we all read a book call facebook, if we read miscellaneous we will get miscellaneous results. Surely social media, TV and computer games have their place, but they are more like amusement and  amusement is a non-thinking activities.

When you give someone a book , you do not give him just paper, ink & glue, but you give him a chance to make the possible of a whole new life.    ~ Christoper Morley

No man can be truly educated in life, unless he is a reader of books.   ~ Bejamin Franklin

Many people complaint about not having time, and we all know that, its not true. we all can find time to read, at least 10 minutes a day and if you even dont have 10 minutes a day it simply means you dont have life. if you read 10 minutes a day you can almost read a book in a month. Books are like friends have bunch of them, dont just focus on one, you can explore more than one at a time.

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